Not only do we produce ready to run models, but now you are in control! You can have a locomotive custom made to order to your specifications with different options such as; saddle or side tank, full cab or half cab, body only or full model with chassis, and so on. You can have the height, width, or length to your exact measurements and it can be a total freelance engine or based around an engine that  you cant seem to find in a model. The engines can be any livery and can be supplied edged or un-edged. Usually the models are of small industrial steam engines but it may be possible to create larger engines.

Due to the time it takes to produce a model, there may be a short waiting list so check in with me by getting in contact with me. Although there may be a short waiting list, we wil try to get you in as quickley as possile in order to get your engine to you as soon as posssible!

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